How to access your PGDs

Your PGSs are available in two formats:

Downloadable Paper PGDs

These are available instantly to download through the Learning Management System. To access them:
– Login to the system at:
– Your username is your GPhC/PSNI number – e.g. 1234567
– Your default password is your email address (if you have changed your password and then subsequently forgotten it, you  can reset it at the following link – )
– Go to the ‘My Courses’ section of the portal
– Once you have completed a PGD training course (e.g. Influenza), a link to the downloadable paper PGD will be available in the ‘Complete’ column on this page, next to your certificate. (e.g. upon completion of the Influenza module, a link will be displayed which says ‘Influenza PGD’) – see image below.


Clicking these links will give you instant access to your downloadable paper PGDs. You do not have to wait to be set up on any system.


MPS Ltd also allows you to use your PGDs through a web-based electronic PGD (ePGD) platform called Medescribe. This is an online pre-screening system that you must get patients to sign up to, but in turn assists you in undertaking a much more robust clinical screening. This allows you to offer a wider range of services, and is especially useful for more complicated PGDs (e.g. Travel).  

ePGD Setup

Please contact us on to let us know you would like to be setup on the ePGD system and we will reply with further instructions.